News in 2018

The 2018 SAF€RA symposium

The 2018 SAF€RA symposium (see the programme) was organized in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, kindly hosted by RIVM with support from TNO.

RIVM headquarters in Bilthoven
RIVM headquarters in Bilthoven (image credit: RIVM)

Discussions focused on industrial safety, the impact of ongoing and past SAF€RA projects and the Dutch national initiative “Sustainable Safety 2030”. This programme aims to enhance cooperation between the chemical industry, scientific institutes, universities and policy makers from (safety) authorities and inspectorates. Speakers discussed the highlights and importance of the programme in the Netherlands, the perspectives of Dutch industry, and developments in Europe on sustainable safety. The symposium concluded with a round table and interactive discussion with SAF€RA members to explore whether the Dutch initiative can drive and benefit European industrial safety.

The slides of the presentations made during this symposium can be downloaded below.

Keynote on the EU OSHA Campaign Manage Dangerous Substances 2018-2019
by Dietmar Elsler, EU-OSHA
SAPHEDRA, the European Platform for evaluation of consequence models
by Olivier Salvi and Stéphane Duplantier (INERIS Developpement and INERIS, France)
Robotics and Safety
by Johan van Middelaar (TNO, the Netherlands)
Highlights of the DV2030 program (‘Duurzame Veiligheid 2030’, or Sustainable Safety 2030) in the Netherlands
by S. Raas (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water, the Netherlands)
Importance of the DV2030 program
by R. Triemstra (Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the Netherlands)
Effective interventions – safety database
by Jakko van Kampen (RIVM, the Netherlands)
PROAGE - Aging Facilities prognostic and health management: data collection, analysis
by Valerio Cozzani and Micaela Demichela (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
A multimethod system for the assessment and training of teamwork in simulated scenarios
by Fabrizio Bracco and Michele Masini (University of Genova, Italy)
EC4SafeNano: Creation of a European Centre for Risk Management and Safe Innovation in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
by Emeric Fréjafon (INERIS, France)
Last Minute Risk Assessment in practice: Developing checks for an effective last minute risk assessment
by Nivine Melssen (RIVM, the Netherlands)
Improving HSE management: developing a new LRMA method
by Dolf van der Beek (TNO, the Netherlands)

June 2018: Some statistics concerning SAF€RA’s 2018 joint call: Overall, there were 26 preproposals in the first stage of the call, and 11 of these were selected for the second stage of the call, based on eligibility and relevance criteria. At the end of the evaluation process, 6 proposals were judged to be of good or high scientific quality and have been recommended for national funding. They represent a total budgetary request of 1.5 M€ total budget, from approx. 1.6 M€ available from funders.

Research projects will be able to start as soon as funding contracts have been established.

March 22 2018: the deadline for full proposals in SAF€RA’s 2018 joint call on New technologies, new trends and monitoring safety performance.

January 25 2018: the deadline for pre-proposals in SAF€RA’s 2018 joint call on New technologies, new trends and monitoring safety performance.